The Expanded Field: 2017 – 2018

The Expanded Field - curated by Askeaton Contemporary Arts & Lismore Castle Arts


Artists announced include Stuart Whipps, The Centre for Land Use Interpretation, The Domestic Godless, Superfolk and Filip Van DingenenFurther updates and details will be soon announced.

Askeaton Contemporary Arts and Lismore Castle Arts present ‘The Expanded Field’, with international and Irish artists investigating the multifaceted nature of the Munster region. In a new departure, artists will be given opportunity to be resident both in Askeaton and Lismore. Through this collaboration, our range of possible subjects, resources and curatorial input grows in an experimental, risk-taking manner.

Belgian artist Filip Van Dingenen has researched seaweed cutting and the selling off of harvesting rights by the Irish State. His symposium, situated on abandoned Canon Island in the middle of the Shannon estuary, brings together local publics and experts alike. Druids, aqua-biologists, fishermen and policymakers will spend a week on the island, receiving visitors each day with the aim to make an alternative treaty concerned with not only seaweed rights, but unheard environmental spirits. In tandem, The Domestic Godless plan receipes derived from natural resources found near a distillery on the Blackwater river.

The programme runs from June 2017 to September 2018, with events planned in both key venues and in other locations identified by the artists. A resource website will disseminate curatorial research and information on each project.



Convened by Belgian artist Filip Van Dingenen, The Algae Summit is an international conference taking place in Askeaton and nearby Shannon River Estuary from 15 – 18 June 2017.

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Askeaton and its outlying territories is an acknowledged centre of seaweed cultivation from at least medieval times, as it was used as the primary agricultural fertilizer in the region to sustain daily nutrition and life. The introduction of chemical substitutes in the 1950s saw its decline alongside depopulation of many islands on the Shannon. Van Dingenen has repeatedly visited Askeaton in recent years to research this history, seaweed cutting and the still-unresolved nature of harvesting rights in Ireland, along with the wider ecological impulses that must be spoken of – all to remove the divide between human and nature, and challenge the alienation of contemporary life from the now unheard environmental spirits in our midst. A focal point is a two-night engagement held on uninhabited Coney Island in the middle of the Shannon Estuary, with the aim of creating a new alternative treaty to address this wide-ranging issue.

Alongside many contributions from the Askeaton locality and seaweed harvesting and research communities, participants include artist and curator Paula von Seth from Stockholm, Berlin-based Australian poet, critic and curator Rachel O’Reilly, Belgian energy therapist and artist Ive Van Bostraeten and Czech artistKlara Hobza, all alongside Irish artists Domestic Godless, Adrian Duncan, Mary Conroy and Seanie Barron. A public programme of events surrounding the summit will be soon announced.

The Algae Summit is the first presentation of The Expanded Field, a new collaborative programme jointly organised by Askeaton Contemporary Arts and Lismore Castle Arts, Waterford. Throughout 2017-8, artist residencies, new commissions and exhibitions will collectively explore the multifaceted nature of the Munster environment, aiming to find new methodologies and approaches for the urgent issues facing the region today.


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