Nicky Deeley: The Beasts of Lismore: 12 July – 31 August 2014

Nicky Deeley presents an immersive event involving the history, architecture, public spaces, and inhabitants of the town of Lismore.

St Carthage Hall marks the beginning of a self guided trail throughout Lismore where you will discover whispers of evidence revealing the towns oldest, and most mysterious visitors.

When the stars align, the bottomless Bay Lough at the crest of the mighty Vee transforms into a door between worlds.

Nicky Deeley’s practice is fascinated with the uncanny, in particular the deeply embedded image-based language of mythic and dream spaces. Through drawings, sculptural installations and character-based performances, she focuses on communal archaeology, searching inside the physical body, un-layering the subconscious, looking through the remnants of past cultures, and sifting through the artifacts of dream.

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