IN A CERTAIN LIGHT: 10 March – 14 April 2013

Catalyst Arts and Lismore Castle Arts present

In a Certain Light

Alessandra Giacinti, Liam Crichton, John Duncan, Jacqueline Holt and Stephen Madden

 Lismore Castle Arts: St Carthage Hall

 To coincide with their 20th anniversary Catalyst Arts have been invited by Lismore Castle Arts to curate a show with Belfast based artists, at St Carthage Hall. In a Certain Light engages with ideas surrounding alternative narratives and liminal space in a variety of media including drawing, sculpture and photography.

Alessandra Giacinti graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts, Rome, in 2006, and recently studied Painting, under Prof. Peter Doig, at the Kunstakademie Düsseldorf. She works with painting, drawing and printmaking; developing a personal iconography informed by the imagery of quotidian dreaming.

Liam Crichton graduate in Sculpture from Edinburgh College of Art 2010, now bases his practice in Belfast. His developing area of interest centres around the liminal expanse between life in the rural setting and life in the urban environment, a blurring juxtaposition of the pastoral and the industrial – the idyllic and the seemingly baleful.

John Duncan's photography deconstructs the metropolis of the Peace Process, the ceasefires, and the influx of capital investment, that have transfigured the urban cityscape of the last decade. Duncan's current work, finds Belfast between loss and redemption, transient through a redefinition of cultural, social and material values in process of transforming the city.

Jacqueline Holt moved to Belfast from London in 2010. Her installations incorporate sculpture, photography, film and print, forming spatial relationships between the individual works. Her work is concerned with the nuances of difference within the hierarchies of the political, social and cultural order in contemporary society.

Stephen Madden is a Belfast-based artist. Current second year MFA student at the University of Ulster, Belfast and graduate of the Cooper Union, New York in 2009. Madden works in painting, sculpture and installation. His current practice explores theatre within todays high-tech society, showing key interest in subjects such as hyperreality, simulation and semiotics. Madden has exhibited his work in various galleries throughout New York, Massachusetts and Northern Ireland.

Catalyst Arts is a Belfast-based, artist-led organisation established in 1993. The organisation is run by a group of voluntary directors who run the gallery on a two-year rolling basis, ensuring that the organisation constantly supports new directors and exhibits a perpetually changing, ambitious contemporary arts programme. Over the last 20 years Catalyst has promoted and supported contemporary art practices and practitioners in Belfast and continues to serve as a training ground for emerging artists, curators and arts administrators.

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